Rye the Stitched Clown

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‘In stitches’ – the meaning and origin of this phrase…To be in stitches is to be in such a paroxysm of laughter as to be in physical pain. The allusion implicit in the phrase is to that of a sharp pain – like being pricked with a very sharp needle. We think that our Stitched Clowns have more than just a needle planned for you!

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Product Description

Rye the Clown

Introducing Rye the Stitched Clown! The second release of our all NEW 2017 line-up of classic/vintage stitched clown designs from Dark Creations ATX! The middle brother of Gil, Rye is also a fully hand stitched “in pieces” costume …and with his new little friend “Swatches” our Rye is another new unique twist to the clown costume world!

This two-piece original design features various shades of black, burnt orange, browns, white and other matching Halloween themed fabric with hand stitched patches arranged throughout the suit giving it that vintage look. The detachable, ruffled collar is made of a orange and white pinstripe fabric which features pointed tips and sits on top of a second ruffle made of black tulle. Pointed tips are repeated on each of the suit’s sleeves. Three over sized detachable, variegated pom-poms of black, white and orange combo finish off the overall look. Also adult sized weathered Halloween themed fingerless gloves are included.

A miniature matching top hat and “Swatches”, a customized matching hand crafted doll (wearing an identical suit) make the perfect accessories for this one of a kind costume.

  • Pictured here are both the weathered versions ($299) and clean versions ($249).
  • Matching doll is an option for $30.
  • Matching full size cane is an option for $50
  • Custom sizes (smaller than M or larger than 3XL) will incur an additional $35 fee.
  • Paired up nicely here with our Rye is the Candyman clown from the artists at Dark Design Studios http://www.darkdesignstudios.com.

  • Costumes can be slightly altered if requested.
  • Each costume or accessory is custom designed and will vary slightly from the image above.
  • Many of our costumes contain effects like safety pins and rusty hardware, please wear with caution.
  • We recommend ordering one size larger due to fiber shrinkage of the final FX sealing process.
  • As a professional courtesy, if you use our work in any publicly displayed film or short we ask that you please credit Dark Creations ATX.
  • For International orders, please contact us before ordering.
  • We are unable to ship orders to Australia due to issues with customs.
  • Orders placed in Texas will be charged 8.25% sales tax.
  • Orders placed during LOW SEASON (November thru January) require 4 to 6 weeks to ship.
  • Orders placed during MID SEASON (Februaru thru April) require 6 to 8 weeks to ship.
  • Orders placed during HIGH SEASON (May thru September) require 8 to 10 weeks to ship.

Contact us PRIOR to ordering with questions regarding alterations, custom sizing or if you need a faster turn around time.