The Protector

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The Protector is the type of post apocalyptic adventurer who struggles to survive in a world where mankind’s civilization has fallen into despair. As human society has collapsed leaving only small survivor settlements in the barren wasteland, there are those marauding evil few who look to bring death and destruction with them…Only a fully trained post-apocalyptic-nomadic warrior can stop them…The Protector.

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The Protector

Comes complete with black trench coat, balaclava, facemask, goggles, respirator mask, black long sleeves shirt, tactical vest, 2 shoulder gun slings, elbow and knee pads, tactical gloves, hip holster, tactical pants, tactical black boots and 4 Airsoft fully weathered 9mm pistols

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  • Costumes can be slightly altered if requested.
  • Each costume or accessory is custom designed and will vary slightly from the image above.
  • Many of our costumes contain effects like safety pins and rusty hardware, please wear with caution.
  • We recommend ordering one size larger due to fiber shrinkage of the final FX sealing process.
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